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Woman Power

“Our bodies are a temple, and we should be conscious about what we put on our skin” - Alu Essentials

The team behind Alu Essentials is one that cherishes integrity. The family-owned business recognizes and values the importance of access to organic skincare for everyone and that is why they have embarked on a journey to provide clean care for all. Alu Essentials consists of a small military family based in Stratford, Connecticut.

The brain behind the formulations is that of Nicholette.

Nicholette is a full-time student, a mother, and a business owner. Additionally, she runs a women’s organization to help women in need. In other words, she is a super woman. The team hand-crafts all of their products to ensure the highest quality to their customers.


Their products, including soaps, scrubs, body butters, balms and many more, are free from all toxic materials, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Nicholette formulates goat milk soaps high in antioxidants which aid in the prevention of oxidative damages caused by free radicals. Their candles in particular are vegan, eco-friendly, and crafted from sustainable ingredients. The batches are scented with essential oils which are known for their therapeutic properties as well as soothing aroma.

The ultimate goal is to help others help themselves, and that is why they source their shea butter from our small women operated cooperative at Sanoun. Partnerships like these are essential to the attainment of financial freedom for our women and subsequently feeds economic growth in third world countries like Mali. Thanks to Alu Essentials, our community has opportunities to wake up to and a bright future to look forward to.