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About Us

Our Company

Sanoun, LLC is a company that provides silky rich, premium shea butter to its customers. We source our shea from women's cooperative in Mali , West Africa. Our shea is of exceptional quality and is made ethical and natural methods only, no chemicals! The extraction of the oil is done by steaming shea nuts from the shea tree (Karité) in the tropics of Mali followed by a press to obtain the oil.

Our Mission

At Sanoun, we strive to uplift and inspire our community through education, self love, and authenticity. We hope to achieve these objectives through our 100% pure, natural and EFFECTIVE Shea Butter. Every single Sanoun product tells a story; a story of our origin, our beauty, our values.

Our Values

At Sanoun, integrity is at the heart of our core values. We work hard everyday to provide you with the best quality products. This is our way to elevate and appraise your beauty.

Our Impact

Empowering women in Africa is at the essence of our company. We work with women cooperatives in the subregions of Mali, thus when you purchase from us, you are providing empowerment and employment to the exceptional women in the villages of Mali whom are experts on this matter. They are able to provide an education to their children and improve their lifestyles with the increase in income YOU help them achieve.