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The Beauty of Sanoun

Our story begins in Mali, West Africa...

In the history of Mali, Gold and Shea butter hold a special place, especially amongst women. During the time of our ancestors, Mali was renowned for its wealth and its powerful rulers. The wealth came predominantly from the abundance of gold in the country. Gold is "Sanoun" (sah-noo) in the Bambara language widely spoken in Mali; this is where our company gets its name. Launched in 2019, Sanoun vows to bring only the highest quality products to our phenomenal customers. 

We believe that Shea butter is equivalent to Gold to the exceptional women that produce it. These women are striving for self-dependency and together, they work to provide a better future for themselves. Sanoun women utilize innovative and eco-friendly methods to produce shea butter of exceptional quality. Thus, when you purchase from Sanoun, you are providing employment and empowerment to women living in poverty. In addition to this social initiative, we will take you back in time, on a journey of discovery by sharing remarkable stories of our beautiful Africa with you.

Every product will tell a story as captivating as it will be educational. With Sanoun products, you will become experts in the history and cultures of our dear continent.

Mali is one of the richest nations in the world. However, the people of Mali are amongst the poorest on the planet. Help us terminate poverty while rocking a beautiful, glowing and healthy YOU.