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Shine with Shea

Hello there!

Let me introduce myself; I am Shea. I am a butter extracted from the purest shea nuts that can be found in West Africa. I am referred to as women’s gold; let me tell you why:

I am produced by a Co-operative of courageous women in Mali, west Africa who are striving for self-dependency and who, together, work exceptionally to provide a better future for themselves. The innovative and eco-friendly methods they use ensure that I am a premium butter. As you can see, when you purchase me, you are providing employment and empowerment to thousands of women living in poverty. This is one of the reasons why they call me women’s gold.

My creamy and rich texture make me very malleable and pleasant to the touch. I am one of the most POWERFUL and protective oils known to man. I have been used for centuries in Africa to heal, to feed, to soothe.  If I had to mention my benefits, I would go on forever; but oh well let me tell you a few. I am rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins which make me suitable for all kinds of applications. I have ultra moisturizing, protective, and rejuvenating properties to give you the best skin, the best hair - the best YOU. I am also a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Got eczema? Look no further, I can help.

Struggling with insomnia? I can rock you to sleep.

Got stubborn stretch marks, scars (battle scars)? Shea to the rescue.

Got an irritated baby? I am the solution

I have endless benefits, which will be a topic for another day (Stay tuned)

Though I am referred to as women’s gold, I should be everyone’s gold if you ask me.

So who better to sell me than Sanoun? The name itself means “gold” in the Bambara language spoken across West Africa. They ensure that their products are rich and the best of qualities.

Legend has it that I am the secret of beauty and health. But I will let you be the judge of that. You can thank me later

Don't wait any longer, get me into your hands now!