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Women changing the world

 “If I can change the life of one person it makes a whole difference because behind that person there is a whole family. It’s a family, it’s a society, it’s Tanzania.” - Victoria Kisyombe

The machine that started it all. Featuring Sarata Berthe

Sarata was forced out of retirement in her old age after the loss of her husband. Like most women in Africa, Sarata is hard working and strives for financial independence. She provides us with the best quality shea butter within West Africa using her unique process of production. she had always had an entrepreneurial spirit but never had the opportunity to explore it. However, these were hard times, so when she came up on an oil press machine, she decided to push her luck making shea butter. Her butter was sensational and had become the talk of the town because of its exceptional quality. With her idea, she assembled a group of women to take on the journey of entrepreneurship.

The most challenging part of her business was transforming it from idea to reality. As she did not have much funding to start, she began by producing shea butter on a small scale and selling it at a very low price. Despite her tumultuous beginnings, it has now been five years that Sarata has been producing and selling shea butter in Mali. She currently has eleven employees from the village, most of whom are women.


Sarata (right) teaching one of the women in her village how to sort out shea nuts before production of the butter

With no doubt, Sarata was able to better her life by starting the shea butter business.  The activity increased her revenue; thus, she was able to offer herself quality food, and care. She is also very happy that now she can afford to gift others in her surrounding and improve her business. She recently bought a second machine that will definitely increase her production.

Sarata’s greatest wish is that her shea butter business keeps growing and be successful enough to enable her to open a factory. With a bigger production, she will be able to buy better quality equipment and work more efficiently. More importantly, she will be able to employ more women and provide them with the opportunity to become financially independent. In addition to this social initiative, she also hopes to educate the world about all the benefits of shea butter. 

Sarata’s story is one of resilience, courage and innovation. At Sanoun, our sole purpose is to help empower women like Sarata and to change the lives of others no matter how small the change. During this journey, we will communicate Sarata’s vision and wisdom with you. We will teach you about our beautiful Africa and all there is to know about its magical shea butter

When you buy from Sanoun, not only are you feeding your body with the most natural and nourishing products, but you are also joining a movement to bring education, equality, and financial freedom to women like Sarata. 

 Put your sneakers on and join us down the road to success with Sarata and her brave women!